• Conventional method – Is made by means of soil injection surrounding around a facility, conducting residual spraying to prevent termite infestation and spreading. Excavation of termite mounds is also made. This treatment consists of drilling holes and filling it with a recommended pesticide emulsion and sealing the holes after treatment

  • Centralized piping reticulation system – is a series of underground piping that’s positioned around a home or building. Its purpose is to provide an ongoing form of protection against termites. This can be replenished repeatedly with a termiticide – via specialized equipment and pumps thru its designed charge point.

  • Pre & Post Construction soil treatment – Treating the entire surface of the soil or other substrate to be covered by any slabs, including areas under carports, porches, basement floors, and entrance platforms that connect to the structure being treated.

  • Baiting System – Is the process of installation of In-ground, In-concrete and above ground bait station containing cellulose, combined with a non-repellant, slow acting insecticide which disrupts the normal growth process in termites. Within weeks of ingesting the bait, termites die while attempting to molt.

  • Radar Inspection method – With the use of TERMATRAC Detection radar which can detec, locate, and confirm the presence of termites


  • Cockroach Control – Spraying to the harborages and breeding places of cockroach such as cracks, crevices, door hinges, and drainage, under the sink, pantries, toilets and other possible hiding places like cupboards, baseboards, and cabinet. Gel insecticide is applied on areas where spraying is not advisable.

  • Fly & Mosquito control –Control by means of Thermal or cold fogging application on affected premises stagnant water and other possible breeding places of flies and mosquitoes

  • Rodent Control – By means of Trapping and Baiting using anti-coagulant rodenticides.

  • Bedbug control – Method by means of steaming using cimex polti- steamer on an infested material

  • Gnats & Garden Pest – By means of Misting and spraying using green label pesticides which are not harmful to environment

HYGIENE MANAGEMENT – UV Light Sterilization, Disinfection & Air Sanitization Service